T'was a day in November

through the studio, I trample.

Scrolling through the cloud,

I found this neat guitar sample.

"What a beautiful sample,

that electric guitar sounds so fine,"

I said, as I placed it

down on the timeline.

But for a sample

which I paid not even a dime,

who was I to complain


"I could sync this properly,

should be pretty easy."

...yeah, right, like an hour later.

Procrastination to the highest degree.

Layer the snares, the kicks

sleigh bells, a good perc.

Forgot how many times

that I skipped my homework.

Now its December 1st,

my brain and soul is about to crack.

But anyways, I present to you

A mediocre, barely-Christmas-themed track.


(Fun fact, I wrote this poem twice because I got booted out of the studio the first time I finished typing it. It actually let me back in and I got to save it to the clipboard. Then I did something stupid and ended up taking a screenshot, which saved to the clipboard instead. So I retyped the poem from memory. I am not a poet.)

Anyways, Merry Christmonth to you.

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