I have a feeling this is how withdecay's brain works during the time when they're making music.

It is like you convert their neuron signals and data into sound. So I think this is what is happening in their brain while they're making music.


I know I cannot come anywhere close to their sound design. I tried many complex things and failed. Once again let me tell you - I am not " being someone " that is not the idea of this album. It is how I hear and/or feel the music created by these artists I do. I was thinking for a long time should I release this, does withdecay deserves a generic sample song with his name in the title. And the thing is I just couldn't move away from this. The energy and flow in this song instantly give me the vibe of this mad sound scientist. So take it for what it's worth. This is the flow and energy + emotion one can expect when pinging withdecay's page. If ur not doing it yet - you need to follow them! This has been sitting in drafts for 3 weeks and I have been looping it for the exact same time, I guess sometimes you don't need something too crazy to describe your feelings. This triggers me... Deep, saturated, emotional, raw, and living forever. A weird feeling that you are being instructed by an object.


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  • accidental refav but hey refav again xd

  • i love how the sounds change from mono to stereo. so damn good

  • This is amazing. I love it!

  • This is so cool

  • such a cool soundscape


  • man listening to this the second time completely changed my feelings towards this track holy christ

    • or well, 12th time now lol

  • Ahhh this one …. The flanger makes it so deep, and dark

  • I love this

  • the sounds and loops are just blissfully perfect for this- especially the ballon boy and the random screaming sound effect xD

    but seriously man the emotion you evoked in this is just


    p e r f e c t.

  • balloon boy laugh

  • love you man

  • I think the part at 00:43 encapsulates the emotions and basic workflow of them pretty well.