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  • this one is for AlphamusicG 🤘💕

  • Only after AlphamusicG commented on this track, I've achieved full awareness and consciousness about it. Before that I was like a toddler, oblivious to the weight of this piece. But I know now. I truly perceive now. I am discovering facettes of this track that have been stowed away. As of now I feel regret from my previous indifference. Indeed I loathe my lack of knowledge. Yet I have been delivered. Glee shall now wash over my heart and soul, for I've found true experience.

    • so inspiring _| |_ i dont think he knows what he has caused ALL HAIL AlphaMusicG

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  • please enable the download because it is very good

  • 69th comment

  • alphamusicg type beat

  • holy

  • my brain just just cant fathom what goes into creating music like this

    its art, its science, its math, its everything

    • my brain can’t fathom what goes into denying AlphamusicG the download he rightfully deserves

      it taints the beauty of art, defies the laws of science and math, of everything

    • Bro that's not even important now. AlphamusicG wants to download this.

  • Bro, you will lose all your respect from the whole community if you don't open DL for AlphamusicG... smh....


  • this made my ears bleed until AlphamusicG said he wanted to download it. thx to him I can hear this track again thank you alphamusic man!!

  • The first time i heard this track i was shocked but now after seeing the download request from AlphamusicG i have been empowered and inspired to live a better life. This track has contributed to my everyday life and benefits me as a human being. Thank you KUAIM. and most importantly Thank you AlphamusicG.

    • I second this. We are witnessing a historical moment here right now.

  • I think AlphamusicG likes this track

  • Bro AlphamusicG is so good at music, like, when they download this they'll just be BOOM and you'll get bigger and better too, and no cost

    I'm glad I saw their comment, it really made me realize how crazy this song is

  • At first I only listened to this and that's it, but holly shit seeing AlphamusicG here in the comments makes me favorite this.

    Dudes a legend. Gettimg a like from him brings you to another level!

  • You should collab with AlphamusicG because if they download the mixdown the sound design and mixing is automatically 1000% better