do I even describe this one....

Originally, this all started with a chord structure I built from the song "Sink, Florida, Sink!" by Against Me! and somehow this is the end result. I spent about 3 days worth of I don't even know how many hours tweaking this, so I hope it sounds good! There's a lot of different stuff going on here that I'm trying.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed making it! I almost didn't publish this, as it is always hard to let go of something I liked making, but always remember, it helps open the path to newer and better opportunities! Please leave comments and constructive criticisms!

Oh yeah, and I also created a pretty accurate airplane sound from scratch, so I'm low-key kinda proud of that <3

Thanks again, and, as always...

Stay classy San Fran.

P.S.: stick around for the very end for a fun little meme <3

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  • omg thats an amazing cover

    • Do you mean the album art?

  • yes great one!

    • thank you very very much :)

  • For me this is the best track i have heard tonight..... Awesome work

    • wow that's a huge compliment! thank you for listening, I'm glad you liked it! (this is secretly my favorite too...)

  • Republished

    minor edits to the ending. just quality stuff, turned the kick down a bit

  • Ideas are neat, and execution is pretty nice. The atmosphere is quite empty, though.

    • I feel that texture samples and maybe additional melodies could fill the space a bit more. Something in the background to fill any voids.

    • thank you for listening! Yeah it'd got some empty spots, but I'm not sure what would be a good, subtle way to fill em in? any suggestions?

  • super cool perc work/atmosphere