[track 3]

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  • pretty!!

  • this is masterful sampling.

    • if you use different samples like this it can be an art by itself.

    • I really do appreciate that feedback, flipping an original sample is a very useful thing but I wanna limit it as best as possible. Thanks for your support

  • Amazing sound good sir

    (will admit im not a fan of the percs sounding like theyre all over the place, but thats alright :D)

    • Appreciate the feedback yo

    • Yh I can see the percussion being a bit rusty. I'll see if I can change them to something better

  • so fucking pretty

  • Again to anyone aware this is a re-upload but again I will visiting this back and possibly cleaning up a little, the album will have a good balance of variety so I appreciate your feedback.

  • It is a bit quiet, but I'm shit at mixing stuff so I'm def not one to talk-lol

    • I have tried to fix it as best as I can, I'll have to recheck it in coming days

    • at least im not the only one who thinks so :3

  • it's kinda too quiet....

    it feels like im listening through a tube connected to a hallway

    • still a bit quiet imo but i like to sorta be surrounded by sound like this so im probly asking a lot xD

    • should be better now