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  • intended to drop this around cyberpunks second release time so deffo worth the listen while playin it people haha (pre-order gang!)

    • haha haha yeah so that was a mistake

  • wait WHAT?

    Synthonix is completely back????

    or just an old dead draft by pumpkin? ;-;

    • T'was just a foreshadowing...

    • Damnit I got excited for a minute

    • The latter by the looks of things haha

  • I love that bassline

  • How do you remix this?

  • Where was I when this came out holy shit

    • Idk lol cheers for checking

  • cheers for all the support on this one! :DDD

    • 2nd in the charts is actually mad! srsly big love people ;P

  • Oh diggity this is quite biggity

  • nice! really uplifting

  • Love the blend of your styles

  • this is so cool. nice melody and sounddesign:)

    • Appreciate the response meander <3

  • Very groovy!!

  • I like that plucky bass C:

  • okkayy

    okin is over

    synthuu is BISCUITS!!!