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  • I love the fact that Vulkron isn't a stingy bitch like some other people and don't allow remix on any of their tracks

    • @Nate. I don't remix on for the reasons below, but if someone wants to remix, it's either I get a certain amount of people who want it open, and I'll open it, or I'll send a copy of the draft to who wants it.

    • @Nate. In fact if you ask them politely and if ur not a trap kid, they can give you full permission to remix a project. You just have to ask * * * politely * * *

    • I've had it happen to me, but most of those were tracks i didn't give two shits about

      Still its fun to point and laugh at the scum of the earth that still steal tracks from at lol

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  • bro whattttt

  • makes me wanna play rocket league

  • shiiiitttt

  • That lead reminds me of someone. Maybe like Haywire or something? I don't know.

  • yooo @Vulkron i tried remixing it with a drop idk how bad it is take a listen!

  • nice


  • like this should go on your youtube channal its good

  • yo this is actaul music

  • this is sick holy shit

  • its g-gooooood!

  • get laura brehm on this and ur good to go

  • Nice!!!

  • Nice viewers lmfao 8)