kind of a part two to what we were


more soundscape/sound design stuff for college sorrynotsorry


sorry for the lazy outro tho, project was literally unworkable cause of it's size, only just managed to make that last section at all through the lag haha

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  • your releases are always so promising

  • Once again I can't fathom how people can make such colorful music such as this,,,, its so cinematic to me. What a story,,

  • I like it a lot.

  • This is technically first place, well done man

  • See, this shouldve been #1 on this weeks charts, you deserve it

  • ay 808 plays haha

  • Thanks for the chart btw guys! <3

  • can we get a part three called "nvm, this is what we'll become"

  • Wow, amazing! I'm listening at super quiet volume and everything still sounds clear, close, crisp and punchy. That atmosphere between the 1st and 2nd parts, wow, beautiful! Congratulations!

    • I meant that perhaps you could swathe all the atmospheric, background sounds behind the main foreground ones even more in reverb, delay or even stereo detune, (or even EQ them or adjust their reverb pre-delay) to push them even further into the background and create more depth (or even several planes of depth). I mean, it's already there, but if I was the mixing engineer for this, I'd try if I could get even more depth. I think it would fit your style.

    • amazing man thankyou, exactly what I wanted! When you say 'go even more extreme with that' what are you referring to? cheers dude! :)

    • Loud sounds great, right at the front of the loudspeakers, with all the atmosphere behind providing depth. I think that you could go even more extreme with that. Love the tempo slow-down at the end of the 1st section. Audio bullet-time ;) The 2nd part is just sick. I love the colour of that main synth.

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  • only crit is that there is a tonnn of stereo going on, and maybe give some of those main effects a little more grounding in the track

    I'd try going to something that inspires you, maybe listen to some mr bill lmao and just do some stereo referencing with another track


    or fuck trends or "rules" and do your own thing because this is still a masterpiece

    • youre so right man thankyou, I knew something was off about this, way too much stuff going on at the sides spatially, its fine in the middle but the sides are way too busy, in that first drop anyway, the second section isnt as bad. Cheers dude, ill see to it when I can :)

  • and I just mean in the drop sections, btw vvv

  • jesus man, the edits sure have paid off

    • awesome dude thankyou, good to know it paid off. You got any crit for this?

  • Also thanks for faves and plays guys, super appreciated! <3

  • This is insane! Did Aphex Twin switch to Audiotool?:)

  • <3

    While the differences aren't very distinct to me, i can definitely hear more than i could originally.

    I'm very curious as to what made you embrace this style of music as your own.

    Still are wonderful piece from you!

    • awesome dude thankyou, pre-republish it was all a bit cluttered, levels were all over the place, kick was waaaay too loud haha. As for this style, i guess its mainly just focus on sound design, making weird and whacky new sounds and approaching production in unconventional ways. Thanks my man! :)