Cover of track what we were by ollie
  • about 3 years ago
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ollie, what we were


So, in light of recent events, I thought I'd be transparent as to how this track came together. (On this end) there seems to be a lot of samples listed that I havent used, but, for those I did use, around half of the samples are oneshots for percussion; the majority of the other samples are recordings that I've taken on my phone of miscellaneous stuff (scraping bricks together, a small crowd, birds chirping, flapping my phone case about etc etc), all sourced from myself over the last year or so. Just to be clear, there are two samples in this that I made in the daw Logic while I had some free time at college; ive processed them a fair bit here in AT though, for clarity, these bits of audio can be heard at 0:08 (kinda sounds like a mosquito), 0:12 , 0:14 (mosquito again), 0:21 and 0:29 (sounds like an alien animal laughing). Much love, hope you enjoy! <3

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