Cover of track Freefall (VIP Mix) by werbs
  • 2 weeks ago
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werbs, Freefall (VIP Mix)


time to finish what I started ;)

It feels so good to put music out again, I've had this track for years and it was supposed to be my 600 follower track lmao.

I'm pretty sure when I did the original way back when the chords were right from synthonix's remix of galactic, and then I did this VIP in the same style so it's probably even more of a rip off. But yeah shout out to that track.

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    ALZ Beatz

    16 hours ago

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!! :O

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    2 weeks ago

    :O YES

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    2 weeks ago


    minor fixes

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    2 weeks ago

    i lowkey am in love with this