Kitchen Crew goes hard . Summer games entry round 3

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  • I don't understand how you could get so good at music production it's been a long time since I've talked to you or commented lol.

    also a great track!

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  • Thanks mates

    • You deserve it! This is like my 6th time listening. I wish i couldve come close to the same level, but i fell short. You have talent! Great job again

  • Realy love this one front to back a great adventure:~)

  • This really is an incredible entry. I enjoy listening to this! Im also envious of those bass tones. You inspire me!

  • wow! incredible sample mangling!

  • @Snadbrugen I have a good feeling about you winning this competition. I'm just gonna will it into the universe now!

    P.S. I like this one better

  • Republished

    that one thing that disturbed. gone ...

  • oooo I love the cover art. so cool

  • Excellent pizza with mushrooms !

  • They need this on BombRush CyberFunk

  • Reminds me a ton of Arcade's white noise. super catchy and good!

    I didn't understand at first this was a jayfk submission, so this is really good lol!

    • Thank you :) yes arcades experiments are legendary