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  • what got me into naswalt lol

  • oh shoot even though i dontlike this genre this is very good!!

  • 20k listens


    • every one of them was well deserved

  • Make more songs like this

    • I just make what i want to. Still like moody retrowave, but i dunno when I'll be in that mood again.

  • im not old what are you talking about

    you are wrong

  • Nice melody

  • this new track goes hard

  • no way this is 4 years old bro what

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  • I didn't favorite this but now I just did. Heard it a really long time ago, and now I brought it to memory once again.

  • where did the time go

  • 3 years and this track is still amazibg asf

    • It really is, easily one of my favorite Naswalt songs

  • The mystery

  • the kick sounds like someones cheeks getting clapped

  • And here I am again. Love this track so much. An AT treasure.

  • Pretty much some of my thoughts are in this song