Cover of track forgive you by naswalt
  • about 6 months ago
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naswalt, forgive you


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    Auxilor [REMIX COMP] about 3 months ago

    how in the fuck do you still have less followers than me

    you deserve 34059687304596873 and i deserve 3

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    Ciel about 1 month ago

    Literally one of my favorite songs right now..(and not just on tlking just song in general.

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    ZIM about 5 months ago

    Wow I feel like im listening to MGMT but heres the thing, im not

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      ⌥N̶E̶V̶V̶R̶O̶▶ about 1 month ago

      they're an alternative band

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      ZIM about 5 months ago

      by plain did you mean a whole other level or a whole other genre

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      naswalt about 5 months ago

      That's a intimidating compliment. They are on a whole other plain of songwriting and production

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    Tokofa〚gb〛 about 1 month ago

    I cant stop listening