Had some sonic fun with Art Club for this fall jam

- SOLACE, Anthony Louis Johnson, Wilunki, and DwnUpDwn (WPX) on the beat

- Wilunki, P-Tree, & Happiest Kid on vocals [in the full version]


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  • dude i loove this!! u do be droppin some sick beats i have to say. Like the rythm is nice and kinda something thats hard not to tap along to. And the music kinda reminds me of like a lat night club/party/city strolling at night. Like it kinda brings up memories that arent really mine.. nice

  • smoother than peanut butter

  • aayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • I knew this sounded familiar! that's a godlike sample.

  • Charted number seven!!!

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  • love this!, would you mind giving me some tips? i have some lyrics i wanna record but i cant figure out how to make beats here!

    • Someday I’ll show you.

  • Nice

  • very good work guys

    • We appreciate the support.

  • nastyyyy

  • good job team!

  • Thanks y'all.

    fall jams 2020 will release some time before winter and after summer. stay tuned.

  • Credits to Casiope.

  • The newness.

  • clean af

  • <3