I am suffocating in a room with no door. And I've been walking circles leaving trails in the floor.

The great escape is a fleeting cause. I'm stuck in place and I hear applause. I spin my days as I spend my heart. I need a prayer as I fall apart. I did it to myself. I need help from someone else. Alone is not enough. I can't make it by myself.

This feeling calls for something more. I dug this hole I can't ignore. I'm stuck in place but I see the world. Plan my escape; create the girl.

Finally you can hear me calling. I've always been calling. We're gonna break free. You're gonna break free. You're gonna help me.

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  • i finally released the remix you probably dont remember doomercore

  • refav.

  • Clean af

  • aaah sounds so good

    • the recorded instruments are bril as always

  • 0:11 mechanical hand leitmotif?

    • Great embrace

      Great awakening

      Great escape

  • niceeee

  • I love this, as vulkron says, the mastering (and maybe the mix, more at the high end) is a little bit weak, try to use other daw for that, Reaper is free and allow you to use VSTs :), I love that bass and the synths, really good job man

    • Yeah, the new download feature is going to work miracles with me being able to test the mix before publishing! I think I got it sounding a bit cleaner now

  • You take AT places no other people could. Good work

    • Nope, we all truly have some amazing tools at our disposal. Anybody with a mic now has everything they need. I can't express how much I love this DAW, this community & everything it stands for.

  • you are THE MAN. What else can i say?

  • I just really love your whole genre and natural instruments. It really shows effort and I'm in love with your music!!!❤

  • can i use this beat

    • I mean, i guess you already just did a vocal mute remix which kinda sucks, but go ahead. What will you be using it for?

  • if you want crit on the mastering, id say you've as good of a job as you can on audiotool

    one thing you can do is bring the whole mix down until its only in the green, pub it, then load it into another daw and mess with gains and compressors there

    Another thing you can listen for is this: Sometimes mixes have tiny bits of annoying frequencies, so having a curve with a few little notch eqs help

    • this guy knows

    • Dude, thank you so much! You put some tone and thought into this! When i get back home I'm gonna do some cleaning on this!

    • This will probably sound redundant, but you could add a limiter (i recommend using the gravity, the green compressor's quality isn't as good) after the quantum. The quantum is very good, but if you want the entire mix compressed as a whole, it'll be close to impossible to do that with the quantum alone.

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  • 2:02 literally want to cruise on the side of the beach with a 80's car with no roof

    • your mad XD

    • literally want to go on a cocaine-driven rager in a 86' ford pinto in the dollar general parking lot.

  • no way

  • road trip music