We live in a world where Love, Success, Freedom, Morals, Politics, and beyond are considered abstract concepts. The individual has the power to give personal meanings to these concepts, and yet, there is not a single being in the universe able to give a true meaning to existence. The meaning, the answer, is that there IS no answer. Of our insufferable paradise may we exist in incertitude.

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  • omg imma mae this 100 with my alt, i NEED to

  • So chaotic yet cohesive, you've done it again Mr. Jet!

  • Watch this get super close to 100 favs, and then wait for a few years until it actually happens. This is still too underrated my guy. Great work!

  • toby fox aint got nothing on you

    • underrune

    • na he gots composition & experience on me

  • Mega man music

  • Very interesting

  • Republished

    slight drum & sidechain boost

  • them drums are kinda lacking strength but JESUS CHRIST THOSE MELODIES.

    • ah but 3:10 would definitely hit the soul much harder if them drums were in the front more. I think all it would take is lowering the synths and then mixing/mastering could solve the rest

    • This is a headbanger right here. Bruh this NEEDS to be a soundtrack for a boss battle.

  • coming back to this to let you know that the rhythm play between the chords and drums at 1:33 is so fucking good im boutta cry

  • Everything you make is just so good. You have such a distinct sound!

    • something about your melodies are so unique

  • so much emotion AAA

    probably easy comparison to make but this brings me back to when I jammed the hell out of the undertale OST. so weird how long ago that was,, this makes me super nostalgic

  • you literally never disappoint

  • this seems like a really creative remix of tetralix and i can't stop feeling that idk why lol

    • well then that was perfect execution right there

      that was totally not the only reason why i thought this was a remix of it hahano

    • 0:43 is a callback to it lol, just decided to reuse that idea right there

  • I thought this was going to be extremely repetitive but then you hit us with that 2:06 - 2:39 banger and I was instantly sold

    • lol isn't that how it should be? second half should always slap harder than the first, haha

    • listening again I guess the part before it is pretty similar but it pops out so much nicer in that second half, the melody really shines through with the higher notes