1. You do not talk about Fight Club.

2. You DO NOT talk about Fight Club.

3. If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the fight is over.

4. Only two guys to a fight.

5. One fight at a time.

6. No shirts, no shoes.

7. Fights will go on as long as they have to.

8. If this your first night at Fight Club, you HAVE to fight.

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    Uprising about 6 years ago


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    Comatoast about 6 years ago


    :D BTF

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    tornsage about 6 years ago

    awesome !!!!!!

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    Marodeur about 6 years ago

    Thank you oedi that my track has been selected TRACK OF THE WEEK!

    @ sKruhmpshus: thx...the vocals are from the movie "Fight Club" by David Fincher.

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    sKruhmpshus about 6 years ago

    ...sounds familiar...wat movie is that from?...also amazing track...love the rise of the synth