Some mind time for my space to taste, thanks.

Everything's a bit off-grid.

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  • 100th like

  • nice trip

  • massive

  • head boppin ayyy

  • nice man <3

  • i thought you needed the at day 19 tag.

  • test drive 4 vibes

  • Awesome man

  • Banger!!

  • I played this to test out some speakers at guitar center for some customers. A DJ that was in the other room ran over and had to know what song this was. Just thought you should know that this evoked that strong of a reaction from someone naturally.

    Also, you got a new fan now.

    • I tried making it a bit more DJ friendly because not many of my tracks are, but I sometimes get asked to play my own stuff, so that's excellent news.

    • What the hell dude, that's really really crazy! I'm flabbergasted, thanks so much for that!

  • Track and coverart on point again

  • Republished

    Had to be this cover really

  • Big man in the charts, FUCK YES

    • Straight boolin, YES TEAM

  • This is pretty awesome.

  • what flavor does your mind taste

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