Del Astra is commonly thought of as the second Commander of the astral plane, but she and Del Aura were created at the exact same time so that information is widely disputed. Del Astra was originally a being with complete control over the concept of creation, a power matched, and even surpassed by none other than Del Aura. What made Del Astra's power unique is that alongside being able to create anything imaginable, she could use the power of any other astral being, including the other commanders. She's phenomenal at using many abilities, but such a large toolset comes at the cost of instability, even with the unreal mind of a hyperdimensional astral being. If she isn't careful, she can lose control and damage herself.


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  • the cover reminds me of the videos that BVSSIC will do for his songs. if the cover was pixelated, then it would look really similar

    • Hmmmm.... Lets see if i can remix this! Wish me luck!

    • It is pixelated, it's just that the image gets super compressed on audiotool

      I also wish I could make videos like him

  • intro really got me ascending into space

  • mmm///// remicx?

  • Zamn

  • holy gamoly

  • I'm getting a bit of glitched-synthwave vibes. What a banger!

  • dude im more in love with the cover than i am with the track

    like i really flippin love the track but the cover just REALLY adds something more to the track as a whole- it gives such a feeling that makes me believe this is a game that's already out guHh

  • bro the GLITCHES

    i love this!

  • forwarded