Didn't enter the competition last year, so wanted to enter this year and see how far I can get ;)

Straight forward dnb with a trimmie edge ;)

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  • dope af homie

  • This never gets old

  • Truly classic sounds, and a well earned spot in the top ten!

  • neuro = n u t t

  • Neuro game still strong. Great stuff man

  • Republished

    Mixer had some solo tracks

  • Omg something went wrong

  • Back at it again bro!

  • Republished

    Some more mixing and mastering

  • Very Nuero Very Funk xD

  • oh my. this is outstanding

  • Very cool,bro

  • Jesus this is mindblowing. Thank you for sharing this. Your attention to detail never lets me down and is always so exciting and makes your songs so relisten-able (if that's even a word). This is something that will be legendary on this site and will go down as a track that showcases the opportunities Audiotool offers to artists.

    • Thx allot man ... Legendary ... don't really think so ...

  • what stands the E in your name for .. must be evil-trim, right? ;D great track

  • only 30 seconds in and this sound design is crazyyy

    • You are right. Changed it and it sounds just better :)

    • i just feel it'd sit much better with the drums bang in the middle y'know? its still cool regardless!

    • It is intentional, but i need to check it out again with headphones. Might be to prominent to the right.

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