a place where i can go, to find myself.

(sorry for horrid transitions, will fix)


this also doubles as a six hundred track, because i'm done with those (:

this little cabin is the kind of thing i dream about. i just want to live in it.


take your mind off things.

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  • This track makes me feel so good and makes me remember how things were a year and a half ago <3

  • like on this

  • jk not doing this. i can't think of anything else to do

  • k remixing this.

  • oooo this one is beggin for a remix

  • Incredible


  • That picture freaks me out for some reason xD

  • Following! Really awesome job.

  • :D

  • lol im just been silly , sure you can listen to your own work :3

  • i'm not allowed to listen to ma own trak lel :3

  • caught you listening to your own track opaq :)

  • this is my fav from you by far dude

    this is so smooth it's ridiculous

  • omg

  • Really well made. so majestic yet it keeps moving without being repetitive..... Impressive ;)