so many devices, fx and automations x_x

no samples used, except for my kick sample (:

hope you like it :D

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  • i remember when this came out and i just sat at my computer just dozing off to this. this is very memorable to me for some reason. big tb.

  • refav

  • damn. A year already! I love this track so much. Can't believe it's been so long!

  • i keep thinking of the movie inside out while listening to the beginning :P

  • i sorta love this

  • Its still great =)

  • Keeps moving forwards. Kind of makes you move with it! :+)

  • Hmm,

    yeah. I'd say this is "Chilled House Prog"

    with a touch of ambience //or nah

  • it's so fast-moving, hard to believe it's only ~120 bpm ahah

  • holy shit m8

  • Back on the chain gang, I see... - Rick

  • Good job! Screw the samples! :)

  • 100th fav. am i special? yees i am

  • Woooooooooo!!!

  • Only one sample! Great job :)