I stumbled across a really nice detuned saw synth while fiddling around with the heisenberg, and it is really useful for pluck like synths so here I am with another progressive house track.

It's simple and repetitive but it's quite nice to listen to in the background

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  • I like your bass line in this !! brilliant track !!

  • I like that Saw synth. very pro sounding

  • I think there could be an Electro House Remix on its way...

  • love it - smooth beautiful grooving :)

  • This is good back round music, I like it! ^ u ^

  • Wouaaou! music Audiotool Every Day is better. Really.

  • Nice, so atmospheric.

    Every track you make is amazing,

  • never stop making doing different tracks is the only way you will improve ;) ... oh yes lovely track mate

  • Very nice! Like any other upbeat tracks of yours, the sound designs are clean!

  • Thanks chaps, I'm glad you like the direction I've taken :)

  • Nice !

  • goddamit stop being so good Audial!!!

  • Damn, man... This is fantastic!

  • This is nice. Really nice. A bit too nice. Nah, this is just too good to believe.

  • Yeah! Very cool track man!