This is very similar to my dubtechno in terms of the synths and other sounds but I dropped the dub part and made this, I hope you like it.

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  • haha only just read that comment SSagara :) classsy! yes, that's a description I'm happy with :)

  • Mmm yes yess! Thanks Torn to lead me here. Audial...¿Are you a gentleman or something? CLAASSY!

  • love it !!

  • this is massive!

  • Really cool. Love the chill vibe that it has throughout. ^-^

  • oh wow..

  • It's got an airy synth at the beginning.. I'll just call it 'Air'

  • Republished

    Name change and fixing the ending

  • nooooooo.. it's a few milliseconds over 5 minutes....

  • Yay! yeah I think the mixing came out well, I never master.

  • haha, good idea

  • Change it to Dusk

  • Lol "Audial commented on Audial by Audial" Audialception.

  • should definitely change the name of this...

  • i recognize that sample too, it just sounds weird because i've heard it being used a lot, but its quickly forgettable with a track like this.! I wish there was more music like this on audiotool. my fav kinds of tracks...