interlude w/ @leer

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  • the drums remind me of boredom by tyler

    • i was actually slightly inspired by that track lol.

    • It’s cause they both use chorus on them I think, also a similar drum loop. Love that song

  • Wow, opening synth with that panning-like atmosphere..

    Then the phaser'd drums--perfect background piece.

    I know you said you're going for atmospheric sounds in this album, and let me tell you, you're crushing that element!! In different ways than even I could imagine, really inspiring!

  • and ima need Toro y Moi on the vox for this one

  • this is so psychedelic! that drum work is perfect

  • how?!

  • beautiful!

  • this rly is too fucking good homie

  • aaa cant stop listening

  • leer!

  • whacky

  • you dominated the charts lmao

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  • I love everything about this

  • the percs fading in and out with the phaser is godly holy shit

    • no phaser, just chorus and some stereo detune my guy. ;)

    • phaser. pft. never heard of it

  • this is wild I love it

  • fuckin sexual boys wowe