Been listening to alot of both Basic Channel & Robert Hood latley, I don't know if that explains anything...

In keeping with the spirit of Audiotool Day, I'd like to give props to anybody who creates original music and gives it away to the world for free! Also much respect for the Folks who keep Audiotool running on the daily, you guys are the shit!

Happy Audiotool Day everybody!


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  • golly, that's a groove and a half

  • the jealousyyy >:(

    this track is amazing :)

  • dude you have totally nailed this, your use of repetition is so hypnotic and mesmeric, I can't stop listening. slow, slight variations are your ticket to the top... one of my favourite sounds.

  • hypnotised by this!!!

  • DUDE



    this is the stuff that WINS

  • just started listening and I already know this is going to be amazing.

  • hooked me from the first seconds !

  • Dang, dude....

  • O_O

  • damn this is beautiful!!!

  • wanna remix this the chords are so lush

  • really really good

  • fck man is amazing!!!!!!!

  • Whoa mate ... this is a really good entry man. Love ur dub allot. Dont know how u do it but u can keep me interested the whole time. Great job