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  • you made a awesome chill track man i think i want more of this from you

  • also someone likes the opaq samples ;)

  • if anything this is underrated, tbh

  • the drums give this a sick drive

  • overrated

  • d33p

  • Well done man ! We've put you in 1st place for the chillout category ! conratulations man!

    the composition of this piece with the simple chords and non complex melodies created a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. the drums combined a very nice contrast to the relaxed feel of the track and not to mention how amazing it is to see a track that kept us all entertained for 10 minutes !!

  • beautiful

  • This reminds me of interstellar, nice atmosphere.

  • I love this track so much!! Emotionally, I felt as if it took me through a journey!! This was a great track honey! Sweetie, your so good as music :)))) I hope you do good with the luck of winning this competition bud! Go get em champ! Nice track tiger!

  • amazing feelings m8

    those drums are so good