I have a feeling this is how laevent's brain works during the time when they make music.

It is like you convert their neuron signals and data into sound. So I think this is what is happening in their brain while making music.


IMHO one of the craziest, rawest, wicked, nasty, fucking, synthwork people u will ever find on AT.

If ur into some raw experimental shit you don't want to miss out following laevent:

@✧*laevent ✧*

Go follow laevent's cat too. he is roaring at 2:16


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Brainworks - Audiotool Role Play

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  • i swear audiotool keeps making me unfav this track for no reason

    but hey, a good excuse to keep refaving xd

  • i beg of you man i need to know

    • my mind is confused, blown, and awakened at the same time from this information

      audiotool keeps surprising me with these able possibilities oh my goodness

    • Yes, just like in the tetrahydrocannabinol track the sample goes through 303 for chopping.

    • not only thats flippin creative but i did not know you could do that w h a t- is that done with the audio ID? (or whatever it's called i can't remember lol)

    2 more
  • cat

  • this is nasty as fuck I love it

  • wowza this is a crazy

  • you two need to collab

  • u psycho

  • Well this song has successfully sent me to another dimension and back again. Nice work!

  • holy shit

  • Fk me dude

    Imagine noise actually being tasteful

    What a concept

    kudos to you pushing yourself to delve into these different genres and methods of expression

  • Awwww shit

  • You have to be fucking kidding me

    • How in the fucking world are you doing those effects. It melts my mind🤯🤯