As i've admited to many a time, i'm not anything close to the most professional audiotooler around.

But I enjoyed remixing this, and the gosh darn truth is that that's all that really matters.

Many thanks to @CallyKay for starting this awesome contest!

I hope you like it!

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  • did you use a phaser?

  • much better! the stutter stands out still but the rest can start to push through. the only suggestion i have left is to take that exciter mod to the underlying parts if you want them to stand out more, or just turn down the volume on the stutters.


    i do still think the stutter vs drums at 1:24 are fighting too much for dominance. maybe bring out the drums a tad more. otherwise i think its perfect - and i am dancing in my chair too it haha

  • Made a couple of changes

  • i think the stutter is a bit too pronounced, maybe make it a bit smoother? i am totally diggin the rock drums though! excellent choice. worthy competition! :)

  • :D Cool

  • Nice job! Love all the work you put into this! :)