Cover of track Bastille-Pompeii (Remix Contest) by CallyKay
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CallyKay, Bastille-Pompeii (Remix Contest)


Well... it was interesting....

@Vulkron Changed the presets and did some rearranging with the looping.

@NoMiddleGround Changed the presets, drums and did some funky Rasselbock work.

@CSteel1206 decreased the BPM and changed the presets.

@n_n Changed the presets and removed drums.

@al prog Created a interesting Pad and changed the drums.

@Misstery Shane made a unique light techno-y theme.

@Archon Started his song really nicely and then added some curious chord progressions to the mix.

@Mike Pheller Added an unusual loop to the beginning of their song.

@Uber DJ changed the beat of the drums... hmm.

@DjSonicBass created an electronic theme to their remix.

@ampersand I don't really know what to say.

@quiktrip Added a realistic Loop.

@WhiteHawkMC Quirked with a little bit of eveything.

@Super Real Ghost Created a VideoGamer-istic Theme to their remake.

@-o7- Increased BPM

Due to a very hard choice, I will not announce a winner. I will let you decide for yourself why. I am sorry and I hope you do not think you entered for nothing. All of the remixes were good attemps and I thank you for participating. Sadly there will not be an EP of the remixes but you can always check them out if you click the remix bar.

Thanks guys <3

Be Optimistic and Love Chicken

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