This track is repetitive and has little variation, but I guess that's the point. The lead and pad have some high frequencies that make me think of being underwater, unable to surface for air.

It sounds like there are lots of synths, but the timeline has few tracks. This is a Moogfest submission.

Cover, licensed CC BY-SA, by Matt Kieffer.

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  • Had to come back and listen to this.... the kind of pads. That first pad is just a pure masterpiece

  • I do diving, and this is a classic track that is very reminiscent of the depths of the sea. something that makes you travel. You can not explain the excitement and beauty but, the memory of being underwater makes me smile. continues so good job!

  • Lovely track ,sounds very aquatic!

  • awesome

  • Great! I very like your sounds!

  • whoa pretty funky! I love how it comes together with the 303 and drums.

  • Nice work, jus followed!!!

  • woah this is amazing

  • awesome

  • I'm looking for these sounds long, great track

  • I like the vibe. It sounds pretty Inavon-ish. Good luck in the comp

  • I love those synths! Absolutely incredible :)

  • I actually expect a joke track like you did for the other contest lol

  • Beautiful.