okay, so I wanted to make something more chilled out again, because that's definitely what I enjoy making best.

I also wanted to make something that sounded a little more abstract and less structured.

chill out everyone, and enjoy.

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  • brah

  • yeah, now i'm water (as would say Bruce Lee ). Great great track

  • being at 2mn and completely relaxed. guess i'm going to liquify till the end

  • missed this gem

  • ...so nice

  • You are so talented

  • refave

  • That last section is especially killer i like the vox and chords there, very hopeful

  • Beautiful, uplifting. Awesome and original percs!

  • beautiful synths! i would love to hear a sub at the returning section, just an octave lower than the bass notes you already have. i like how this is more of an ambient track, the percussion just sort of sustains the flow of it. the reason i say you should add a sub at the end is because it sort of loses its power by then, if you add some bass there then it will make up for the absence of bass in the kick throughout. really nice, beautiful work :)

  • Your stuff gets better and better :)

  • this.....

  • lovely....cool beat also

  • Love ur synths

  • I'm not a fan of how off beat the intro is, but I really love the atmosphere in this. I love the voices in this too, it adds something unique to the song. Nice work!