something a little similar to my best day remix at the request of @swrlly

i didn't really get as much time as i would have hoped to make this better, but now i'm off school so i have a lot more time to make a nice christmas track.

hope you enjoy :D

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  • nostalgia

  • :v .............


  • ew don't listen to this. it's nasty :(

  • but still sounds crackling by me.... whatever the device I use

  • opaqity-esq :)

  • <3

  • Wonderful track! Those sounds are really tasteful. :)

  • You're getting so good man. Love it!

  • beautiful, but what is so good about the sidechain?

  • Oh heavy side chain compression I do love you, great stuff here opaq

  • great syths and percussion! love it :)

  • amazing sounds.. just great....

  • I decided to make a playlist. This is obviously the first song I downloaded. :3

  • opaqity i actually really like this. your percs are always spot on. <3

  • You always come with these dope tracks.