Thanks to @ofvmusic ‏‏‎‎ and his friends for letting me remix your song, has so much fun in the process! Listen to the original here


This is the first time I'm making mid-tempo stuff, so feedback would be appreciated! This is one of my biggest solo drafts yet, and I'm pretty proud of the way I mixed it.


Due to the song being made and published outside of Audiotool, and that @ofvmusic ‏‏‎‎ and his friends only gave specific people access to the stems, I can't open remix on this track. Sorry guys :(


Nonetheless, hope you guys like this, will be pubbing this on YT and Spotify, will post the link here once it's done!

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  • I fucking love the bass



    I don't usually listen to this type of music, just once in a while, but HOLY FUCK this one exceeded my expectations, I love this. So much dude. You don't even know. You never fail to amaze me, keep up the great work cuz I love your music bro.

    • Coming back to this to hear it again now, it sounds just as epic as ever <3

    • That's definitely my favorite part.

      I gotta remember to use the panning effect more often. I meant to use it in Inspiration but I forgot. As far as I can recall, I only ever used it in Ignited.

    • also it seems like that panning trick in 2:09 is the fan fav part of the track hahahahaha

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  • <3

  • this song is amazing:)

  • its so amazing

  • very one true godlike

  • i like this song

  • Hot damn sir!

  • The ratio remains. 1020:102

  • that little bass fill or whatever you'd call it is on point

    • Hahaha thx!

      I actually struggled with the cyberpunk drop the most, couldnt come up with a bice melody to go with the bass so I decided to fuck with the basses and fills instead to make it interesting ;)

  • 1k plays and 100 favs

    My OCD has been satisfied

    • we need 1010 plays and then the ratio is perfect again lol

    • I have been triggered

      I dont know whether to be happy abt Ty's fav pr be mad abt the fucking ratio

      Rip icebox's brain

    • SHIT

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  • Can someone gimme that 100

    • Oh wow thx lmao

      That was quick

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  • Pretty nice mixing.

  • :o Wowie

  • Dang really great. Sounds professional

  • awesome work!! I would really listen to this on repeat. Also, the vocals are so gooddd!