Well folks, it's here. It's finally here and I am so excited to share this track with all of you.

I honestly don't know what to say, except thank you.

Thank you to Rimi for inviting me into this collab.

You are some kind of genius and I look forward to doing many more projects with you. You have not only changed my life in small ways, but you've brightened my future and re-instilled my desire to make banging music that people want to dance to.

I will be forever grateful for this opportunity and all the lessons it has taught me, and I am more excited for the future than I have been in a long time.

There's a lot to learn here, so we left it open for remix. We have other drafts we plan on working together, so if you like this track, you're gonna LOVE our future projects, so stay tuned!

And, as always, stay classy! <3

- Zir0h


Hoo boy did I get lucky with this one. I was fully ready to leave this one in the eternal backlog of projects that had potential but I didn't know how to finish when Zir0h came along and asked me if I wanted to collab on something. This was one of the things I sent over and after she'd accepted she just went to town with it!

It came out great! I had a lot of fun working on this one and learnt a lot! I definitely look forward to working with Zir0h again in the near future B)

Hope y'all enjoy this one!

- RiMi

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  • overload

  • This took me back to 2014 honestly, i'm not sure why. It's hella nostalgic I love it @-@

  • Nice work, both of you. This definitely makes me nostalgic for early Knife Party. I've always had a soft spot for buzzy electro house.

  • wow

    • Hoping that's a good wow <.<

  • First of all a great track!

    love hte intro with the GOA-ish sounddesign.

    The distorted sound is awesome but I feel like at 0:47 the vibe plumets when the drums kick in, this can be a stylechoice or a sidechain that pushes to much idk.

    the bellsounds could be mixed to the back for more headroom, they are fine anyway.

    3:20 is so cool.

    Overall a solid and groovy track, congrats :~)

    • Oh! Lmao i see it now (how did i miss that) thanks 💜

    • I already faved a few weeks ago :~)

      later you asked feedback on my wall and I said I would give it, so here you go ☺

    • No fave tho? :'(

  • I would favorite if it didn't have the pre-drop vox. But it's sick. Reminds me of Tourist Trophy intro (PS2)

    • Interesting! Maybe I'll start releasing double edits. One clean, one uncut 🤔

    • Ye, I don't like songs with profanity in em. Just my morals

    • Lol the vox gave you the ick

  • my chromebook would explode if i had that may devices JEEEZWIIZYY

    • FR, I'm running an Asus with an Intel Pentium (absolute crap, not even i series)

    • oo ya bf actually cares! respect to dat dude!!!!

    • I started in an asus i3 laptop back in the day, then got an asus i7 (i forget the models), then i actually had to downgrade to an i3 desktop for awhile until my bf got his new computer and gave me his old one. Now I'm all beef :3

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  • im half tempted to push that remix button HAHAHHAHAHAHAA LMAOOOO

    • He won't his PC will crash, as will mine

    • Do it, you won't! >;3

      We have things very organized so it shouldn't be hard to look through

  • Sorry it took me a while to get around to listening to this. But HELL YEAH! Love how this has EDM structure but also remains Electro. Also loving the sound design here. I would absolutely here this at a festival! Great work you two! :)

    • Thank you SO much for listening and providing feedback! We all really appreciate it, and we are so glad you enjoyed the track. Thanks for the compliments :3 feel free to follow us on social media for future track promos

  • Republished

    Minor mastering, levelling, EQing

  • meow meow moew

  • sick- :D

    • Thank you so much for listening! We're glad you like it 💜

    • I love this so mutch

  • Love the idea of the track. The mix isn't there for me. Not only is it quiet overall but the brightness and impact is lacking. Feels very flat and uncharacterized. I'd go back in and work on mastering the track. Not sure how I feel with the super wide stereo kick and snare. Personally doesn't make sense to my ears but I'm going to assume it was a stylistic choice.

    • I would love that. I'll post my discord on your wall, add me :)

    • It would be easier if I showed you in a draft sometime

    • Do you have any tips or suggestions for better mastering?

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  • You don t mess !

  • Jesus! this song is dope!

    • Thank you for listening! We appreciate your feedback