i really don't know what happened but i hope the devs fix it:

- it will stay at 0% activity if i don't play anything

- if played, it will exponentially increase to 100% activity and will eventually crash my flash (considering that i handled Delta Phi and Timestopper, this is weird)

- i can't save it once i play it because it becomes too laggy

- i constantly have to save, then play, then close the app (due to extreme lag) and then open it up again to add more changes

i've lost all inspiration to continue, so i'm hoping someone will be willing to finish this for me

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  • I remember having this as my ringtone 6 ish years ago now

  • I like that mid-bass, inspired me now :3

  • For some reason i really like this one

    • For some reason i really can fly

  • i remember this was my alarm for like 3 months 4 years ago

  • ─────█─▄▀█──█▀▄─█─────





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  • this song started me man

  • heckin REFAV my dude

  • aaaaaa tb

  • Thanks buba <3

  • ohh jeez

  • Thanks for unhiding this! Gorgeous stuff


  • It's cause you download too much hentai. Trust me. I got the same prob

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