lost in a house of mirrors

through the empty halls

i call out to my reflection

but it doesn't want to face me

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  • this is so good, i wanna kill myself now

    • and now i see that

    • like they said, "to kind, brings consequences"

    • hope this can end my suffering for a good time

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  • what the fuck

  • who posts comments like this just to snag that "100"

  • imma be that fag.

  • nostalgiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • lol i bet no one can comment on this anymore :D

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  • I used to feel cool, that I commented on this, now there's nearly 100 comments ;-;

  • Um..i can??

  • i did it

  • well then

  • hoooooo emmmm geeeeeee <£33333

  • vewwy emotional such sad wow ;-; im gonna go cry now bai bai

  • i figured it out haha

  • Finally! I can get into this song!

  • i can comment XD