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  • the endiiiing!!!

  • magnificent, that is the term

  • so incredible

  • wow this is really cool to see. great work and beautiful track. that reverby droning lead is really something

  • This is phenomenal, I'm so blown away by just how far Audiotool's capabilities have expanded to accommodate this level of creation. This is just pro-level production by these two, well done!

    • Boutta look at all those pretty chords at the end there

  • This one is amazing

  • Honestly this was the one I hoped to take the win. I love this track so much from beginning to end. The way it builds to the breaks and the bass jumps in a measure late, it feels so cinematic and even surreal. The piano was absolutely perfect; whoever came up with that idea really knew what they were doing. And the ENDING oh my goodness, like a true climax to a grand adventure. I have so much fun listening to this track and I'm glad I had the privilege to judge it.

    • I appreciate this feedback so much! It was enormous fun to work on. Each new idea was really exciting for me, and if I could revisit moments where something clicked or I heard one of Wight's ideas for the first time, I'd be doing that VERY often. I'm so glad others are enjoying it too!

    • And of course that's not to say I didn't feel similarly about many of the other amazing tracks, but this one just had a special something that hit me the right way.

  • so good

  • ughh gorgeous... refav

  • Thanks so much for the love on this so far, and a massive thank you to the judges as well! Madness

  • This is one of the best tracks I've heard on Audiotool. I love this so much!

  • this end is majestic

  • whew man loving the composition here

    sound design is great too but that should've been obvious from the start with this pair up

    sweet track guys

  • loving the time signature

  • no fucking way

    this is a legendary combination

    • I second this very truthful statement.