What is up my mother truckers? I'm slightly sick at the moment so i'm using this AI generated voice to help me with this remix comp today. naw just kidding bro this is my natural voice Witchcraft young flames GBC gang gang gang ya feel? Off rip blood lets get crackin. In third place we have Unknown with some throbbing bass music i was not expecting to hear in this competition- it be bus in. In second place thank you to MXCII for your submission. I always love to hear some DNB entries and this shit was poppin susboy legitness. And in first place we have Late2theparty and zack, Honestly blown away by this song from the super clean mixing to the cute synth leads that play through out the drop. amazing work! thank you to everyone who submitted, this was super fun gang we should deff do this again ya dig? Stream my new album noir that just came onto all platforms last week if you don't your a goofy silly and I'm a steal all your christmas presents. peace n love bitches



2nd: SNOW (mxcii remix)



honorable mentions:


PO9T - snow [Jays RMX]

PO9T REMIX COMP 7 (rushed)


Snow but epic



IF U R IN THE COMMENTS SALTY AB THE RESULTS U LOOK CRINGE. Maybe this comp wasn’t the best one to showcase ur skills and the next one you’ll knock it out the park. But PLEASE for the LOVE of god do not spam my wall and comment section about how sad you are you didn’t place. It comes off as immature, you knew entering this comp that there was a chance I would review ur track and not like it. Call me anthony fantano the way it’s “just my opinion” lol

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  • f************************************you

  • yay I got notable

  • w mxc

  • congrats winners!

  • goodio

  • Ngl I forgot I ever made a track for this

    Had a genuine submission sitting but forgor to finish 💀

  • GG all :)

  • LET'S GO!

  • start dyeing yalls hair like poet's

  • None of you should be saying "Oh I thInk "x" shOuLdvE woN" or trying to get pity. Please just respect po9t's decisions here. Nobody is a perfect judge. I really feel like it shouldn't need to be said.

  • Congrats to the winners!


  • congrats!!

    • very happy that u thought my track was poppin susboy legitness. that's exactly what i was going for :o

  • british AI voice go brr, props to everyone who placed tho!

  • My opinion: mxcii should have gotten 1st, XyPhr 2nd, and JayFK 3rd. But really this is very objective; there's just way too much talent in you guys! :D

    • I would ask if my entry was one of the top ten, but comparing it to the winners, I didn't stand a chance.

    • I made the finalists list of 10 slots last fri and have been listening to each of these songs on repeat. The ones I found myself coming back to the most are the winners