After an entire month of working on this mf...

It's finally to a point where I can publish it. :)


Some things may be off since the playback in the studio is laggy and I'm publishing in order to listen lol.


Enjoy. :3

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  • this song is so unique and well put together, I think it stands apart from audiotool and deserves to go in the casefiles

  • You will pay for this, I'm a quick learner! 😤

  • This still blows my mind too. How's 00:28 Audiotool???

    • I worked wonders with this one.

      This is also the track that helped me improve my sound design here (bc I wanted my stuff to sound more unique lol).

  • Ain't no way. XD

    Tysm peeps! -w-

  • 2 more favorites until 100... :o

  • Whenever I do the arpy pluck on my songs I like to copy the notes already there for example you got them going up and down. Well I put them in different octaves and then lower the velocity of them, you need to use poly not mono for that. It's really helpful for making the notes sound a lot more full in my opinion

    • Oh I understood perfectly.

    • Basically copying notes and placing them in different octaves can create a fuller sound, especially in the arp pattern. Lowering the velocity of the copied notes adds variation and dynamics to the sound. It helps mimic the real instruments. Now I think I got something wrong or I wasn't clear about it, and that's about using polyphony instead of monophony. Poly plays multiple notes at once while Mono only plays one note at a time.

    • And I do the same exact thing for basses too. But I like messing around with the automations more with the basses because it can get boring if there's just the bar notes etc.

  • How did this not win the entire comp?

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  • Maybe another synth layer at 01:20 . it sounds kinda thin. I just think it needs to fill the empty spots in the frequencies. Everything else is good but not really my genre per se. But good either way.

    • I mentioned that the track wasn't exactly my preferred genre but this is truthful and encouraging.

    • Yea it's mostly low.

      Not that much "highs" at all...

    • top or bottom instruments mean the highs or lows

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  • Maybe a transition before 00:26 like a riser and then an impact and downlifter would be best. Also at 00:52 use a crash cymbal transition. 01:20 / 01:21 is very cool. Do more of those but with the fx's. A tom fill between 01:41 / 01:42 could be nice to introduce that drop. 02:52 was very very nice! I liked that part a lot, it was very smooth.

    • Now this advice was helpful of this thread tbh

    • I hardly ever "get you wrong."

      You help me out a lot by dropping these comments in my tracks. If I don't go back and edit that song to try to add some of those suggestions, I'll use it later in another track so that feedback won't go to waste lol.

    • Don't get me wrong it's a good song. I just notice the little things that others miss, sometimes they see it though

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  • I feel like the drops need more frequency fillers. Like it's missing more of the mids

    • Adding elements in the mid frequencies can help create a fuller and more balanced sound however I didn't specify on that. So I would say that the supersaw, the screech synth, also the arp needs more of that. But make sure the pad complements the arp and doesn't overcrowd the mix, I do like the airy feel though. "I feel like that would fit it a lot better" was not good advice at all. As a matter of fact, this is your creative process and your different decisions. I should've been more specific.

    • Also the arp in the beginning is nice but at like 00:14 you should start some cinematic pad or something along with the arp. I feel like that would fit it a lot better.

  • ME LIKE!

  • This will become history.

  • Republished

    L O U D E R .

    And remix is open. :)

    • *cough*

      Oh, uh, ah



    • Just in case there are those few people who bother me to open remix just so they can look inside of it and never publish an actual remix.

    • Why is the remix open?

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  • this is hype as hell goddamn

  • This is now my 3rd most popular track. (Besides NMBC)

    • me just reading this:


    • And you wonder why I don't say that I love you as a fren... XD

    • >:3

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