Kryptic- I cannot thank Darklite enough, this started off as a simple melody, and it was stuck at that for a while. I invited Dark to this, and boom! It just exploded with all sorts of ideas and synths and from then on we just kept adding, and this came into existence. This probably would've been one of those drafts that would never see the light of day if it wasn't for Dark. :} This was so fun


Kryptic. one of the most talented artists i know. very underrated and really great at music. when i first heard this draft after the invite was sent i just couldnt help but smile. we put so much time and work into this and i love this track from beginning to end. it was easy to collaborate. me and Krypt have a similar mindset in terms of how the song should go. i think the hardest thing to agree on was the cover art xP lol. i feel very honored to have worked with Kryptic and look forward to any further projects. i had alot of fun working on this and i hope you all enjoy listening to this :)

Now that our speeches are over, we hope you

e n j o y ! ;)

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