We Have Discovered New Forms of Light in This Realm, But It Is Now Time To Recede Into a New Darkness. Within These Shadows, Lies Part of the Shining Core. It's Power Will Lead Us To Divinity...


I've always wanted to do this. The orignal "Dark Shine" was by far, one of my favorite Dubstep tracks, but I thought I would sound nicer as a DnB track. :)

Presenting, My Drum & Bass Remix of My Song, "Dark Shine". I put TONS of effort and emotion into this one. I made the draft for this at the same time as "Sky Hop" and have been working on it ever since, I wanted to make sure it sounded perfect, while also fixng some of the problems the original had (such as the VOLUME/WAVEFORM). This is probably my bigesst DnB track and Certainly has the most emotion out of all of them so far. :]


Hope You Enjoy ^-^


I'd prefer if no one remix this, but feel free to Remix the Original if you want to ;)


We Sense A Dark Power Approaching in, "PROPHECIES"

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