counterpart: arrive

together: arrive/depart

enjoy :)

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  • Still the best piano track i've ever heard in my life.

  • so many feels!

  • Man, this is so great. I have a great remix idea for this, but I don't think I could pull it off and I risk damaging the quality of the track by doing so anyway.

    • Me too m8, was gonna do a gramatik like repeat sound trip-hop style... I cant disrupt this masterpiece

  • literally the best piano track ever, can I say that?

  • whatthefuck

  • Remind me to do my own version of this :D

  • beautifully haunting

  • so fully emotional.....

  • thank you for this <3

  • Give me piano sheets plz! my email kyurich @Inbox .ru

  • how is this all one sample?

  • yep i want to make a video with this song

  • I'm still crying ;-;

  • How did you record this?