[remix of bit-tron's 200 follower remix competition]

I wanted to make an uplifting and atmospheric remix.

So I made an uplifting and atmospheric remix.

hope you like it ^^

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  • this is not good

  • tycho of AT

  • i didnt like???? oh this was out when my muziklove account was out lol

  • omg relistening to this. i remember this contest lol. nostalgia overload lel even though it's not even that long ago

  • b e s t t r a c k < 3 rfav

  • refav

  • Absolutely atmospheric!

  • so nice...

  • This reminds me of the stuff I used to try to make but taken to the next level. You're probably my favorite current AT artist

  • beautiful beautiful ....

  • I still wonder where you get those drum samples... They're fantastic...

  • I love what sounds like the off tune pitch! its really cool opaq :)

  • tycho-esk

  • amazing

  • What DubLion said