Inspired by: Aeris, Madeon (2012), Porter Robinson (2012), And Forza Horizon 1 (Bass Arena Radio Station)







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  • This is beautiful

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    • well your draft's pretty friggin big man

      most of us are either chromebook dwellers or peeps who don't have a strong enough pc :(((((((

  • ahh if it isnt the master of hiding his amazing sounding tracks.

    • i can relate but ive deleted the tracks lol

    • ngl that's true as fuck, but it's bc I have a cluster of things that look like a mess

  • well deserved attention on this one! really great

    hopeful sounds, the vocals sound really good too

    • same to you brother - always

    • Thanks 🤎 i heavily appreciate you man fr

  • I really really love this track! that short pause at 0:49 is amazing

    • me does vibey on this thingy

  • You could submit this track to bitbird maybe, for example. Could very much imagine it in one of their comps. Certainly reaches the quality standard (If it doesn't go beyond that)

    • Maybe, but I'm not gonna do music full time (even though I kinda do it as a hobby) but I don't see myself making it to the big leagues

    • Ayy haha glad u liked it, it was a mini risk 😭

  • Dude I can legit hear a difference in the draft compared to here, so it is true that the mixing isn't the same as the published version compared to the in app track

    • True but most of the time I'm a perfectionist, especially now with mixing, so in the draft just sounds so much better compared to here

    • I’ve noticed that as well though I don’t necessarily mind it? new drafts automatically have -3db of gain so it gives me nice headroom to bounce and import vocals- then I master the full track off AT

    • I think its because when you upload and play it on the site your listening to a slightly compressed version, and tracks with reverb will be damaged because of that.

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  • <3.

  • holy shit dude this is great

  • this is very epic

  • bangerrr

  • cool nig

  • The title of this reminded me of GD (Geometry Dash) level called "Can't Let Go"