inspired by @Aaron

enjoy :)

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  • So amazing, always.... bless ur soul

  • your profile picture looks like tycho,

    there's a tycho song named dive,

    dive has four letters, 666 has three letters, tycho has three albums, one EP, 4x3-3+1= 10

    illuminati has ten letters.

    not sure what this information means.

  • Very professional sounding. The way you roll the drums ties everything together. Well done.

  • ur musick is 2gud. i quit

  • Splendid!

  • It feels like you are really diving. AND it's very relaxing too!

  • great sounds bro

  • I like how the non organic drums feel organic because of the stuttering effects and the rolling rim shots. overall, very nice.

  • still good...... still great inspiration !!

  • it's one of my favourite tracks, to have percussion that sounds as good as in that is awesome.

  • lovely!!

  • I love the bass that gets inside your head if you wear headphones, so cool

  • percussion is always on point.

  • wow this is great