wow, that was pretty fast. anyway, here's a little something, not much, to go in the future hundreds album that'll show my progress (there hasn't been as much recently, but oh well).

thanks for all the support over the past half year!

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  • Still holdin' up in 2021!

  • "not much" My eyes are getting wet!

  • Whaaaat?

  • WOW

  • I just flipped on AT radio and this started playing. I was really feeling it. The emotions hit me hard. Thanks for making your music. Idk about everyone else, but I truly have been effected for the better by your work. Thank you

  • 2memory *cri*

  • I just can't stop listening to your songs :D

  • 120.99 lol... i thought 121 was very precise... refav bro

  • 3 hunna 3 hunna 3 hunna BANG BANG BANG

  • I've realized that it's your percussion that makes your tracks sound so polished.

  • So bad it gets 200 favs.

  • hm. mebbe it's not that bad.

    still hate it though.

  • noooo ._. whyyy.

  • why is this so popular.... ugh i need to fix this

  • Very nice