I changed the pitch on some piano notes, I also changed the piano pattern a little bit.

Is it good now? :P

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  • The orchestral loop in this is what inspired and kicked off my music producing career in AT. I deleted the original song I made with it, but god I love it. This song is still so so beautiful.

  • gorgeous :')

  • refav

  • Beautiful

  • I've just been going through old tracks and I'm about to cry. I can't believe it's been four years since I used to come to this site every day just to feel like maybe the world was worth living in.

  • Woah

  • how has it been 8 months since the last comment tf

    • The track is hidden, that's how, which I have no idea why, this is still one of my top vibing tracks on here

  • I made a song with this exact trance/synth pad..I deleted it now, because I made a fresh start..but woah. Is this song awesome.

    • Woah.. this comment was back when I first started making songs with my own synths.. back when "sample songs" were a thing with newbies...

  • Probably the most nostalgic track holy f

  • Oh yes, refav

  • Done

  • The pioneer days


  • 2 more favs

  • ;-; *throws a flower*