I have these vocals in a draft since i have 40 Followers, AND I AM NOW AT 100 THANKS GUYS :)

So i decided to see what YOU can do with this :)

Any Genre will be accepted, But i Suggest you Dubstep and the Subgenres of the Dubstep, because it's dubstep vocals, but if you wanna do another genre, go ahead! :)

Here's the rules:

1- I need to hear the vocals, you can play with them however you want, but a least use them.

2- No hate on the other remixes. If someone do this ans i saw it, He/She is DISQUALIFIED.

3- Have Fun :D


Complexity, Vocal Creativity and The Biggest Synthwork.

You will get a follow or a Fav if i'm already following you.


(I don't have a 3rd Place, But if you want i can put it and it will be the same prizes of the Honorable Mentions.(

2nd Place: A Follow, 3 Favorites On any track you want, and Template of your choice made by me, a post on my Facebook Page and on my SoundCloud!

1st Place: Congrats!! :D You will Get A Follow, 5 Favorites on any track you want, 2 Templates of your choice made by me, THE FIRST VIDEO POSTED ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! a Post on my Facebook Page AND on Soundcloud!

And collab if you want to collab with me!


I don't have specific dates for now.

Here's two choices: August 10th or When my First Track will be posted as ''One Year ago''


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    Closed account

    about 5 years ago


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    Final F1rst

    about 5 years ago

    Opening could have been done a bit better (but thats my opinion) but the rest is awesome :D

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    Cypher Static / Braulken

    about 5 years ago

    OMG THE SOUNDS *O* I love this man!! :D