This is in memory of my granfather who recently passed away.

I miss him a lot and I am very sad he is gone, but I know he is in a better place.

I feel like this song represents him.

Have a good day guys.

Be Optimistic and Love Chicken <3

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  • One of the best emotional tracks on AudioTool.

  • I learned how to play the piano part by ear. Such a good piece. <3

  • Still the most emotional song on AT. <3

  • My grandma recently passed away..

    Returning to this song actually brought tears to my eyes.

    Thank you, CallyKay. <3

  • you know i thought i faved this like a month ago, im falling out.

  • is it the hymne of your country ;-)

  • So so good. Seriously. Amazing

  • My condolences CallyKay. I pray you and your family find peace in God's love <3

  • Oh my this is absolutely amazing. So emotional. Your so talented. Please keep at it.

    He would have been proud of you, this is amazing. :)

  • I would really love for this to hit #1 on the charts.. <3

  • lovely

  • sweet track Kaly, very beautiful

  • This is gorgeous! So sorry for your loss :'(

  • Beautiful. I have no words to describe this chill spirit... Also sorry for your loss...

  • lovely track