100% Kurpified - Odsen

had fun on this surprise collab :-) - kurp

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  • i refuse to believe this hasn't charted on 1st place even a single time. this literally sounds like some soundtrack from Blade Runner 2049 or something

    • i have no idea what i was thinking while making the second part - too high on life

    • I made this beat while thinking about matrix and army of me by Björk tbh. The first chorus I mean.

  • Travelling through hyperspace!

  • how the low end is treated in this is just muah

  • i need to inject this track in my blood fuck

  • still really goooood

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  • This is great in so many ways:~) amazing sounddesign

  • cette basse... la claque!

  • ;-;

  • not too surprised by this collab, your styles blend very well together guys!

  • OMG

  • another one on my list of "collabs i never thought would happen" lol

  • shivers


  • this is so fucking good

  • Listening to this on loop, this surprise duo is insane